• 07:30 PM
  • BVC 02476 494094

In this performance (you’ll encounter an antique Magic Lantern projector and glass slides which is operated by documentary photographer Ian Beesley. The two Ians tell a story of the First World War from the point of view of men and women who survived it and lived on to old age and a changing world. The show falls into two halves, the first half featuring original photography by Ian Beesley – who in the 1990’s photographed and interviewed people who had experienced the First World War, to capture their final memories and reflections on the changing world they had lived through and grown old in. Their stories are brought to life through projected pictures through the Magic Lantern and live poetry and spoken word by Ian McMillan.

‘’an inspiring figure, an encouraging & democratic spirit, a strong & popular poet and one of the funniest people in Britain’’ Poetry News on Ian McMillan
‘‘Ian Beesley is a photographer with a specific vision, meticulous observation, a journalist’s eye for detail and a poetic touch’’ Jane Richards, The Independent.

Tickets £12 or £10.50 67 years+